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All our Handmade items are full of love and has a story - each of them is unique! No more "seen before" gifts for Your loved ones :)

Highest Quality

All products in our e-shop are handmade by Lithuanian artisians. Most of our beloved creators bring you their products as small family business.

Gift Ready

Each item that you buy in our e-shop will reach you in a nice package. So You do not have to worry about additional gift packing!

Cozy Baby Socks


Tic Tac Toe Wood Board Game


Reflector "Butterfly"


Children's hat and scarf set "Pom-Pom"


Wooden blocks "Lithuanian alphabet"


Bracelet "Lithuania"


Head bow "Unicorn"


Children Hats "Elfin"

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Made in Lithuania!

    All unique products in Twelve Turtles e-shop is made in small and cozy country located in the middle of Europe - Lithuania.
  • Lithuanian is one of the oldest language in the world today. This language is one of the oldest living Indo-European language of Europe.
  • Lithuania hosts the central point of Europe.
  • Forests here covers 1/3 of the country land!
  • Lithuania has a bit less than 3 millions inhabitants.

Handmade has a Story

The turtle is a symbol of longevity. Carrying the brand name of Twelve Turtles, we aim to create long-lasting emotions with products and gifts. Let's enjoy handmade gifts for ourselves and our loved ones!

Soon in our store we will present a few more news: a gift mail and a gift surprise. After all, sometimes it is so difficult to choose a gift when going to a celebration? .. We will do it for you: )

All items in our shop are produced by Lithuanian artisians. We want to help them to reach the customers not only in Lithuania, but also in other countries of the World! We do our best to reach the customers by presenting you our country's hidden pearls!

We aim to bring a cozy message and greetings from our small Lithuanian all around the globe. We believe that the handmade products usage would help to support more sustainable production and low-income receivers welfare.


We offer shipping of our products to the every corner of the World!


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